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Thank you for volunteering at MPE. Here is a list of items you might find helpful and help us keep track of what worked and what didn't from year year. We appreciate you so much!

Scheduling Social Media Posts  Contact: Kate Schaedler  

  1. Please complete this form electronically to submit a Social Media Post Request.

  2. Kindly submit the request by the Friday prior to your event, or sooner.

  3. Contact Kate Schaedler at 302-367-4335 or should you need to contact her.


Events/Information in Newsletter Contact: Tami April-Davis 

  • Send images and wording to Tami by the first Monday of the month to be in the newsletter at the end of the month. 


Need to Make Copies or Flyers?

  • Copies can be made at any time in the Staff Copy room. From the office turn right, pass the nurses office and the first hallway. Staff room is on the right (there is a yellow sign) above the door. If you need colored paper ask Chrissie Suiter (the secretary). 

  • There is a plastic bin with drawers underneath the printer, near the window, in the copy room. This has classroom count numbers so make the right amount of copies per classroom teacher. 

  • Teacher mailboxes are in the Teacher’s Lounge (when leaving the office, turn left, it’s the colorful door on the right). 


Treasury Items - Contact: Melissa Stottmann 

To request a check and/or reimbursement: 

1. Fill out the Check Request Form (download here) 

2. Provide original receipts 

3. A check may take up to 3 weeks (depending which signatures are needed)


If you collect money and need to make a deposit:

1. Fill out the Deposit form 

2. Ensure the money has been counted by you & another PTA member

3. Give directly to Melissa Stottmann or Sarah Stowens


Exit Interview  Contact Emily Crawford

  1. After your event is completed please fill out this form to help with continuity from year to year as positions are kept or passed along.

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