Our PTA is on a mission to connect the community with our school. This starts in school and works it's way back out. Have a fun idea or way to help us? We are all ears! We rely on parent support and volunteer to keep these events running. We couldn't do it without you!



Get the popcorn POPPING! We host two separate movie nights, seperated by grade level complete with pizza and goodies for sale.


Calling all Lego masters! In this fun after school program, run by parent volunteers, we team up to create and use our imaginations.



Get your head in a good book! Our fall and spring book fairs are HUGE events and get the new and engaging books into our kiddos hands.


This event is a student favorite. Once a month, students are given an opportunity to welcome a special 'dude' in their life into school. They start in the multipurpose room with a donut breakfast and then follow the student to their classroom to hang out, see what the student is up to, and help out in the classroom for a few hours. 



Our teachers mean the world to us. Happy Teacher = Happy School! Each month we recognize the tremendous work our teachers do for our kiddos by planning breakfasts, desserts, or a luncheon as a simple 'thanks'. Keep an eye out for sign ups to send in items or help prepare items!



Spills and accidents happen! When they do, the clothing closet is here to help. We maintain a supply of dress code approved clothing in size 4 up to young adult sizes, all from family donations. Have some extras in good used condition? Send them our way!



We manage and stock two snack cabinets for teachers to use for students that need a little extra sustenance to get their brain juices flowing! Want to help? Donations of goldfish crackers and UTZ pretzels (in individual serving bags) are most needed!


Mount Pleasant Elementary PTA

500 Duncan Rd., Wilmington, DE 19809

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