Dragons Helping Dragons

The PTA and MPE believe that we are a strong community that supports one another. Together we are helping students and families that we interact with everyday by giving virtual e-gift cards and physical gift cards to these families in need during the holiday season. The gift cards will help keep kids warm, put food on their tables, and/or a gift to brighten the season. Below are some ideas and links to the virtual e-cards you can consider purchasing for folks in our neighborhood. 

  • Suggested donations: $10-50 per card; Smaller purchases help more families in need.

  • Simply click an image below, purchase a card (or a few!) and email to ptampe@yahoo.com.  If a name is required, give to "Mt. Pleasant Elementary". 

  • Physical gift cards are also welcome and can be sent to the main office in an envelope marked "Dragons Helping Dragons"

Thank you so much for all of your support! 

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