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We welcome all Mount Pleasant Elementary

families to join the PTA!


What is the purpose of the PTA?
The PTA exists to identify and assist in the providing the needs of all students, the school, its families and community. We coordinate family and in school events, provide school support, after school programs and social activities. 

Why should I join the PTA?
Join for your child!  It's all about them—enhancing their experience and education at MPE.  The school can only do so much with the funds it has so we supplement, enhance and advocate where necessary. 

When and where are the PTA Meetings?

Meeting dates and location for 2020-2021 are TBD. 

Blue Speech Bubble World Health Day Face
Blue Speech Bubble World Health Day Face

How do I join the PTA and what is the cost?

You can join online or download our form and return to school. Membership is $7/yr. If fees are a hardship, we have an option to waive them. Your membership is important to us.


What happens to the dues we pay for PTA?

We must pay National dues ($2.25), state dues ($2)—with the rest directly supporting our school. 

Do I have to come to school to volunteer or attend meetings?
No - but we would love to meet you and for your help if you are able.

Can I volunteer even if I am unable to come to the meetings?

How does the PTA raise money?
Our money comes from Membership, fundraisers and donations from families and local businesses.

What does the PTA do with the funds raised?
All of our fundraising projects are to fund a specific purpose. There is no fundraising done just to have money in our account.  Some funds do go to our General fund but every penny is dedicated to a specific purpose.

How do I contact the PTA with questions or to volunteer?  ​


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