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MPE wins $100,000 grant!

Huge news from Principal Auerbach: MPE was selected as one of nine recipients of the Opportunity Grant – a $100,000 award from the Delaware Department of Education! So what exactly does that mean for MPE? Here's an excerpt from Principal Auerbach's letter to families outlining the award guidelines:

"MPE’s award, Developing Mindfulness at MPE, has three main strands:

1) We will train our staff, students, and community on the effects of trauma on learning. We will train three teachers

to become experts on a strategy called mindfulness, which we will use to help counteract the impacts of trauma. We are excited that all of our students will benefit from this mindfulness training.

2) We will create an enriching after-school program, providing academic support and intervention to approximately 40 students as well as dinner and transportation home. This will be a partnership between MPE, the YMCA, and the Bellevue Community Center. You will be notified if your child is selected for this program, based upon the criteria written in the grant. Thank you for your patience.

3) Through a partnership with Children and Families First (CFF), we will develop a weekly family engagement event, based on the needs of our local school community, beginning in October/November and lasting through the end of the school year. CFF will hire two additional staff members - a Site Coordinator and a Parent Outreach Coordinator, both 20 hours per week, to help us achieve this goal. We will post these positions on our PTA website ( as soon as they are available. We would love for parents in our school community to apply to these positions!

As we implement this grant, we will do our best to keep you informed of the major decisions made as well as the impact of the grant on the various aspects of our school. Thank you for your support of MPE!"

Go, MPE! UPDATE: Click here for information about the Site Coordinator and Parent Outreach Coordinator positions.

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