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Family story time: November is Family Literacy Month

Did you know that November is Family Literacy Month? With the chilly temps and the start of Thanksgiving break, there's no better time to snuggle up with a good book with the ones you love!

Research shows that reading books aloud with mom or dad is the most important factor in preparing children to become independent readers.

To help install a lifelong love of reading in your kiddos, here are a few tips from Peggy Tew, Youth Services Librarian at the Claymont Library:

Book time to read to your child every day. Even older children enjoy this special time with their family. Your local library can help you find books of interest for your child at any age.

Have your child read books to you. For younger children they can describe the pictures to you and older children can expand upon the stories as parents ask questions. Your local library has plenty of books for readers of all ages and stages.

Let kids "catch" you reading. Show your child the enjoyment they can get from reading by letting them "catch" you enjoying a book. Soon enough you will find them enjoying a book on their own, too. Your local library has a large collection of fiction and non-fiction books for all interests.

Check out the November events at the Claymont Library here!

Need more inspiration for family reading time? Check out some of our favorite Thanksgiving-themed books in the slideshow! Happy Thanksgiving!

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