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This week, our MPE Admin Team came through on their promises to do silly stunts if the students raised $7,000 and read 70,000 minutes during the month of March. Our students read over 150,000 minutes and raised over $10,000! Time to see what your students have been talking about!

Mr. Casey and Mr. Winchell donned their Leprechaun and Hot Dog costumes all day as they helped students and made everyone smile.

Mr. Farina, wearing a Superman Onesie, rode through the hallways and the playground on a big wheel!

Mrs. Fawkes loves MPE so much she let us duct tape her to the wall as the students began their school day.

And the Human Sundae, Mr. Auerbach, wore his banana costume while students, teachers, and even Superintendent Holodick, poured ice cream and toppings on him.

We are so proud of our Little dragons for all the reading they did during the month of March to make this happen! Way to go MPE!!!

Check out the full gallery of all the fun on our Facebook page here.

Also, check out the awesome article and video on!

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