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Whether you have an hour or an entire afternoon, there are many ways you can support MPE!

Volunteering is one of the best ways a parent, guardian, or grandparent can help support the students and staff at MPE. Without the help, talents, and willingness of our volunteers, many of the activities and events at MPE could not happen. We recognize that time limitations and on-site availability can be a concern for many families, so we offer a variety of in-school or at-home opportunities. Please take the time to read about the many ways you can help! Please note: All volunteers must sign in at the main office with a valid photo ID. Questions? Email us at!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

11/15/2019 -- THANKSgiving Pie Day Donations Needed

12/12/19  -- Dragon Dudes Sign Ups

On-GoingVolunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering for any open positions or helping the current chairs, please email


Dragon Dudes: This is for dads, grandfathers, uncles, and other male mentors! Spend a half day at MPE and be a positive role model! You will spend part of the day in your child’s classroom and helping throughout the school. The program begins in October and runs until May.

Clothing Closet helpers: Organize and wash donated clothing for students at MPE. Volunteers needed on group clean up days. 

Work Room helpers: Help our teachers with copying, sorting, cutting. You decide time and day. Work takes place in the copy rooms located on 1st and 2nd floor. 

Library helpers: Restocking, checking books in/out, reading to students. Volunteer for your child's classroom library time and/or sign up for a few classes.

Cafeteria helpers: Volunteers needed for Kindergarten lunches, especially the first week of school! Circulate helping students open lunch contents and dispose of trash.

Teacher Appreciation: Volunteers needed to organize/help run monthly events. Food/supply donations also needed (watch for monthly sign ups)

Book Fair: Daily help needed during Fall and Spring Book Fairs. Volunteers assist with the register and help children pick out books.

Movie Nights: Volunteers needed to work concessions and act as hall monitors. Baked good donations needed. There are two movie nights (separated by grade level), which usually take place on a Friday evening in the winter.

Barnes & Noble Night: Volunteers needed for gift wrapping and greeters. 

Dragon Dance & Fundraiser: Our most popular event of the year! Volunteers needed to help plan and work the event, which usually takes place in March.

Box Tops: Help sort, count, and mail Box Tops from the comfort of your own home. (Interested? Email us at


Events & Program Chairs & Descriptions

​Community/Restaurant Events Chair: Jill Savage & Amanda Waters

  • Coordinate dates with various community restaurants or activities to promote community and fundraising. 

  • Create and distribute flyers to promote events

  • Attendance of events is ideal or designate a volunteer

  • Time Commitment: Summer planning and contacting restaurants or venues.

Barnes & Noble Night Chair: Lischele Knight

  • Coordinate date with Barnes & Noble.

  • Solicit teacher volunteers to read during the event and parent volunteers to assist with gift wrapping.

  • Create and distribute flyers to promote events.

  • Time Commitment: 1-3 hours planning and attendance at the event (or designate a volunteer).​

Oasis Family Night Chair: Kristen Neff

  • Coordinate date with Oasis in the summer before the school year begins.

  • Solicit volunteers to assist with checking in families on the night of the event. 

  • Create and distribute flyers and other marketing materials to promote events.

  • Time Commitment: 1-3 hours planning and attendance at the event (or designate a volunteer).

Spirit Wear Chair:Melissa Stottmann

  • Work with the board to select Spirit Wear apparel

  • Place orders and work with the selected vendor(s).

  • Time Commitment: Planning over the summer and selling Spirit Wear at early school year events.

Scholastic Book Fair Chair: Chelsea Collins

  • Work with Scholastic and the PTA board to secure dates for the Fall and Spring book fairs.

  • Create and distribute flyers and other marketing materials to promote event.

  • Solicit volunteers to assist with the book fair via signup genius.  Work with school on logistics for the room setup.

  • Time Commitment: Planning over the summer to secure dates. Promoting event and soliciting volunteers the month leading up to the book fair dates. Availability to be at the book fair or designate volunteers to oversee the book fair if you are unable to be there.

Dragon Dance Chairs: Brandi Savage

  • Work with committee to organize the Dragon Dance which includes soliciting donations for giveaways to the students, decorating, securing a DJ for the event, solicit donations for bake sale, and solicit/coordinate volunteers for the event.

  • Create and distribute flyers and other marketing materials to promote event.

  • Time Commitment: 1-2 planning meetings with committee plus time spent on promoting event and soliciting donations/volunteers. Availability to be at the event or designate a committee member to oversee if you are unable to be there.

Box Tops/Store Rewards Chair: Valerie Deptula

  • Coordinate volunteers to assist with sorting, counting, and mailing Box Tops and coordinating with Store Rewards partners as needed.

  • Time Commitment: submit 2-4 times per year. Completed at home or school.

Workroom Chair:
Carolyn Rosario

  • Coordinate volunteers to assist teachers in the workroom. Volunteers assist teachers with copying and cutting items for class.

  • Time Commitment: Time spent soliciting and coordinating volunteers. Ideal if you can volunteer time working in the copy room.

Clothing Closet Chair:
Emily Crawford

  • Coordinate volunteers to assist in maintaining the clothing closet.

  • Assist with keeping the closet organized including sorting and washing donated clothes.

  • Time Commitment: 3-4 hours to solicit and coordinate volunteers. Biggest chunk of donations arrives in the beginning of the school year.

Library Helper Chair:

  • Coordinate and train volunteers to assist in the library.

  • Time commitment: Training and soliciting volunteers primarily occurs in the beginning of the school year. Minimal organizing of volunteering for the remainder of the year.

Teacher Appreciation Week Chair:
Trish Barnyak & Tami April Davis

  • Coordinate monthly Teacher Appreciation events and Teacher Appreciation Week.

  • Time commitment: Planning prior to events and must be available to run/coordinate volunteers & donations for the week-long Teacher Appreciation week.

Movie Nights Chair: Katie Schaedler

  • Oversee and organize the movie nights. Two movie nights are held during the school year (K-2 and grades 3-5).

  • Responsible for renewing movie license, selecting movies (with approval from the board and school), creating/distributing marketing materials, and organizing volunteers and donations for the nights.

  • Time commitment:  Initial Planning 2-4 hours. Availability to be at events.

Lego League Chair: Meagan Mika

  • Oversee and organize Lego League. This includes recruiting coaches, organizing teams, preparing and distributing marketing materials, and organizing the expo.

  • Time commitment: Initial planning 7-10 hours. Availability to be at weekly meetings during the event or designate a volunteer to oversee in your absence.

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